Forget-Me-Not: Dusty Springfield-”Son Of A Preacher Man”

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Oh yes. We all know this one, Dusty Springfield‘s “Son Of A Preacher Man.”

Whether you were one of the Baby Booms who thought Ms. Springfield was a lovely lil’ lady or perhaps just a Pulp Fiction fan. There are those of you who love Aretha Franklin‘s version and let us not forget, of course, the most obvious–you are, in fact, the son of a preacher [man].

We all love this one.

The song was released in 1968 on the album, Dusty In Memphis. The song was written by the 20th century hit makers John Hurley and Ronnie Wilkins. Some of you may attribute this one to Aretha Franklin. BZZZZ WRONG! Aretha only obliged this one after hearing good ol’ Dusty give it ago.

This song has been on just about every T0p 100, if not Top 50, worthy music chart across the world. Don’t believe me? Google it. Yea I said it.

Enjoy and get to church. You know you need some Jesus. We included a live and studio version.

Dusty Springfield-”Son Of A Preacher Man (live)”

Dusty Sprinfield-”Son Of A Preacher Man”

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11 2011

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