Forget-Me-Not: New Kids On The Block-”Step By Step”

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We all remember mid to late 80s when the boy band, New Kids On The Block, (by the way nothing against the NKOB, but there will be no comparison with The Beatles) craze took our nation by storm. 

NKOB were a group of young men assembled in the city of Boston, Mass. around 1984. Collectively the band sold over 80 million records, which today is almost unheard of. Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood were considered American royalty and their throne was the lap of every 12-45 year old woman globally.

The Album Hangin’ Tough introduced the anthem “Step by Step” which took this album to go triple platinum. As cheesy as it may seem to some, this song was the jam in 1990.

The “band” had a heavy-hitting road show as well. They would nail over 200 performances a year as NKOB.

Unfortunately for these guys the 90′s introduced a whole new caliber of music and it had no interest in their heartthrob genius. The band did separate; however, valiant efforts were made to rekindle their nostalgia in 2007 and again this year. My understanding is that the tour this year, teaming up with The Backstreet Boys, has actually turned relatively good results.

No matter what the case may be. New Kids On The Block were a relevant cordial in American popular music history. May we all salute. All things are fair in Sound Check.

New Kids On The Block-”Step by Step”

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06 2011

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